About Me

Updated regularly.

Hello! My name is Melanie.
 I am an undergraduate at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.
Fashion and beauty are my addictions.
(beauty addicted
I can never get enough.
New products and current trends spark my interest.

I started this blog so I can share my opinions and personal experiences.
Not only to share them with you, but to put them down for myself as well.
Writing is something I enjoy; something I will do forever.

Beauty is not only cosmetics.
I also love taking pictures of and writing about places and items that I find beautiful.
So my blog posts can vary from apparel to beauty to exploring to personal.
Still though, my greatest addiction is cosmetics!

I look forward to posting and I look forward to hearing from you!
I hope you enjoy my blog!


  1. Melanie,
    I hope to see you on PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!
    I’m sorry I didn’t go to FIDM in Los Angeles
    when I was young!!! Been sewing since I was 10 and now am 64!!
    I’ve ALWAYS loved fashion......big mistake for me but not for you!!!
    FB friend with your mom!!!! She is sooooo talented too!!!

    1. I love fashion, but I'm more of an admirer than an actual designer!
      I love sewing though and changing pieces into new designs.
      I've always loved fashion and always will as well,