Monday, May 27, 2013

Mini Haul & Review : Natural SkinCare

"If product is swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away."
If it's dangerous to put in my mouth, why would I want it absorbed into my skin?
Just a thought.
I've been slowly switching out my old skincare products to more natural products.
While out in a local village I picked up a few natural products and then some more later at Target.

 One brand I've been wanting to try is the "Yes to" line.
Since I use makeup remover wipes frequently, I was in need of more.
The offer was 45 regular wipes and then 10 travel size for $9.99, so I just grabbed the Yes to Cucumbers soothing hypoallergenic facial towelettes.
They remove my makeup well enough, but not enough to just use one of them alone.
You could use two towelettes, but I like to use one then wash my face afterwards.
It makes my skin tingle a bit and stings if you get it in your eyes, but it does say to avoid contact..
I'll most likely try different Yes to makeup wipes next time though, most likely Blueberries.

My main goal of the trip to Target was to find a new daily facial moisturizer, so I picked up the Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh SPF 30 one.
I was excited to try this product, and then let down by how it turned out.
The SPF 30 is most likely the reason this product was disappointing.
It makes white patches where you first apply it and takes too much work to blend out.
It also leaves a white cast on your skin and doesn't feel moisturizing enough.
I still continue to use this product as a facial sunscreen though.

While out shopping in a local village, I went into an Artisan House to look at jewelry when a little stand of lotion and lip balms grabbed my attention.
I tried out one of the lotions and fell in love. 
The scent of orange blossom honey filled the whole store when I put it on my hands.
The body butter feels absolutely amazing on the skin. It's definitely moisturizing and makes my skin feel baby soft and smell wonderful.
I had high hopes for the lip balm, since I love lip balms and use them up like crazy.
Sadly I didn't get along well with this product.
My lips didn't feel hydrated enough after putting it on. It only made them slick on the outside without moisturizing below the surface.
I also had a strange reaction to it where my lips actually became rough.. 
So that product gets no use now.

Even though technically half of my haul was disappointing, the other half was good enough that it doesn't bother me.
The body butter is definitely my favorite purchase in this mini haul.

Also, for those who like natural products as well, be careful when buying.
A lot of brands like to use the word "natural" or "organic" to sell more, but take a look at the ingredients list.
Also take a look at what percent of their ingredients are natural or organic if they tell you.

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul and review!
Do you try and use more natural products than not?

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