Sunday, April 21, 2013

NEW Charming ~ Revlon Nail Enamel

More and more flowers are blooming, but the trees here still have not grown their leaves.
The beautiful flowers are enough for now, and definitely provide inspiration for spring outfits and beauty.
Lately, I've been searching my nail polish collection to find any pretty pastel shade I could..
Turns out I need to go shopping for some more.
A week ago while I was out, I picked up one pastel shade that was too pretty to pass up.
211 Charming from Revlon

Charming is a "baby" lavender shade, but when it's in the natural light it appears to be a lilac shade.
It applies nicely, not as streaky as other Revlon nail polishes I've tried.
Two average (not too thin, not too thick) coats gave me opaque color.
The color is also true to what is in the bottle.
A top coat is definitely needed with this nail polish. 
It applies with a shine and still has that shine after it dries, but after a little while it becomes dull and what looks like barbie nails to me.
In other words, it has a cheap plastic looking finish.
A shiny top coat fixes that / prevents that right away.

As far as longevity, it lasts all week for me when I use a base coat and top coat.

I'd been needing something soft and nice for my nails for spring.
This shade was too pretty to pass up, and it goes with everything, in my opinion.
It's soft color makes it versatile and also very feminine and sweet.
The name Charming really fits it!
Are you a pastel nail polish lover? Would you buy this shade?

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