Sunday, June 22, 2014

NYX Macaron Lippies - Drugstore Bold Colored Lipstick!

Calling all lipstick junkies!
For a long time, bold lipsticks have been nearly impossible to find; all of the colorful options could only be found in higher-end brand collections.
 Blue, green, yellow, orange, lavender, grey, white, black..
All available for drugstore prices!


I had to refrain from going a little too crazy and buying all of the colors in this collection.
I chose to purchase the colors that are hard to find at the drugstore.
These include:
Black Sesame, Key Lime, Pistachio, Violet, Lavender, Early Grey, Blue Velvet

Black Sesame
Key Lime
Early Grey
Blue Velvet
These lipsticks are a drugstore miracle! (Too much?)
I have been dying for out-there colors to add to my collection, and now I have them.
The quality is great.
Texture: All of the lipsticks glide on the lips smoothly with a buttery soft texture.
Some of the lipsticks, such as Key Lime, Lavender, and Early Grey can be a little difficult though.
I find that those three can apply a little patchy at times, and you can sort of see it in the pictures.
Pigmentation: The pigment in most of them is fantastic, other than Lavender and Early Grey which should be a little more opaque.
  Wear: The lasting power of these lipsticks are average. Within an hour of wear, with drinking water from a water bottle, the inside of my lips had no lipstick. The outside lasts about 2/3 hours but that's if it isn't touched by anything. So the wear isn't that great but I can deal with it.
The lipstick, thankfully, does not bleed outside of my lip line. However.. I think NYX should come out with lipliners in the same colors, because nothing beats a crisp, clean lip line.
These do stain just a tiny bit, but not too dramatically.

If NYX comes out with even more colors in this range I think my life would be complete.
The Macaron Lippies are without a doubt a thumbs UP for me.
If you love stepping outside of the box and rocking bold lips, there is no debating that these lipsticks are 100% worth the purchase!


Would you wear these bold colors?

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