Sunday, January 26, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms - Review & Lip Swatches

Let me start off with saying... I want more.
Drugstore lip products can be a hit or miss.
In particular, matte lip products at the drugstore are almost always misses; they tend to be drying and make the lips appear undesirable.
So when Revlon came out with their Matte Balms- a matte lip product that is also moisturizing- I was excited to try it.

The Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms are lip crayons.
They twist up, so no sharpening and wasting product is needed.
The amount of product when fully twisted up is a decent amount, typical of most lipsticks.

The two colors I chose to buy first are "Shameless" and "Standout".
Reds and purples tend to be the colors that I gravitate to the most when out buying lip products.
For winter, the deeper shades are my favorite. My skin gets ghostly pale (which I love) in the colder seasons, and I find deeper shades become even more flattering.
The great part about the packaging of these lip crayons, is that the color on the tube is almost identical to the actual color of the product.

The application of these lip crayons is very nice.
The shape of the crayon allows for easy outline of the lips. I use the tip to line the shape of my lips, then I use the side of the crayon tip to fill in.
It does feather a bit, but a *tip for perfect, clean edges: use a thin brush and concealer to outline the lipstick and then blend out. I used a thin angled brush.*

The pigmentation of these balms are good enough that only one swipe on the lips will do. However, I run it on my lips a few more times to build more intensity and get a deeper color.

The product applies creamy and smooth, like a balm should.
The way the product feels on the lips is light and doesn't feel sticky or tacky.
There is a slight cooling, mint type of sensation after applying. It's apparent sometimes, mildly, and other times I don't notice it at all.

Since it has moisturizing qualities, it's not completely matte. As you can see in the photos, the light reflects off the product. It stays like such for about an hour before drying out more. 
Even after drying slightly, my lips continue to feel moisturized for about 3 hours.
This product is a staining product.
The color stays on my lips for hours, average about 4/5, depending on what and how much I eat and drink. By 6 hours, however, it fades to a dry stain on my lips.

Here are how the balms lasted when tested on separate days:

Both times I reapplied the balms after the 6hrs to see how it looks and how it feels on dry lips.
The balms feel great reapplied and make my lips feel moisturized again.
On a typical day, I would normally reapply this balm after my meals or every three or so hours.

Based on the moisturizing ability, the pigmentation, the smooth texture, even application, and pretty good lasting power of this lip product, I like it a lot!
I definitely plan on purchasing more shades, especially the bright ones for spring and summer.
At $6.49 a piece at Target, I think it's worth it.
Lovely product.

Are you interested in trying these matte lip balms?

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